Kelly Robertson Makeup Artist on Set

“I credit my creative business success to the affection and undying support of my BFF Sandra Grace, my daughters Kate and Maddie, and to my husband.  I continue to maintain my commitment to good health, a spiritual path of truth and integrity, compassion and love.  Without all of this, my work would mean nothing.”   

This 2015 photo is of me on set with my mom (who I was recently reunited with after several years) and my youngest daughter, Maddison Quinn, a working actress/model and student. My oldest, Kate, lives in Hawaii and somehow manages to always turn lemons into lemonade and I’m very proud of her continued success and accomplishments.  xx Kelly xx

There are so many things I like about my job!  I love showing women that they are beautiful and all I do is enhance the amazing features they already have. It’s not enough to just do great makeup – you have to listen to your clients and help them make their dreams come true. My goal is to give everyone in my chair an amazing experience and leave them better than when we met.

My Makeup Style leans more towards a “Natural” look, so I love the results of Dinair® Water-Based Professional Airbrush Makeup.  I learned from the Creator, Dina Ousley, that, “Less is More” so I  layer light.  This technique provides excellent coverage that never looks cakey or fakey and the result is a  long-lasting look that requires no touch-ups.  Take a look at some of my photos on my portfolio. The camera loves airbrush and it’s perfect for all ages, women and men, and all cultures and skin tones.  Dinair® Airbrush products are mostly water-based with the exception of a few specialty products (like HairColair™) that’s contains a cosmetic-grade alcohol.  All formulas are Made in the USA and contain no parabens, no talc, no oils and no Silicone and are gentle on sensitive or irritated skin.  I’m honored to be a part of the Dinair® family as a Guest Educator and Expo Artist and travel with them on their team as often as they ask.

I also work with Corrective/Paramedical Airbrush (such as tattoo concealing)  and the result is water-proof and smudge-proof cover-up (really!) thanks to a Patented product manufactured in 2015 by Dinair® called Colair Xtreme™.  It provides Medium to Full Blocking Coverage (without correction or neutralizing or powder layers), and it can last up to 48+ Hours on most skin types. It covers Tattoos, Vitiligo, Sun Spots/Age Spots, Scars, Birth Marks, Acne and more. Xtreme™  works great as a primer for oily skin and the finish is Matte, however, the product can receive a light “blow-over” with any one of our other compatible airbrush products to bring about a soft, dewy glow. As with all Dinair® products, it is  also Non-Comedogenic and Hypo-Allergenic.  See some of my work here!

Continuing Education/Training ~ I consider myself a “Student of Deliberate Creation” and strive for improvement in all aspects of my profession. I  foster my makeup skills and product knowledge by investing in on-going education throughout the year.  You’ll find me in classes at West-Coast Beauty Expos, at professional workshops offered by Los Angeles-based beauty suppliers and in short-term, specialized training led by great artists in the beauty industry.  In 2015 I studied the traditions and artistry of Dia de los Muertos. For “Day of the Dead” face art with the talented team of Ruben and Livier Lopez, Founders of the HUMA Studios in Paramount, California. My mentors taught me that I can airbrush the makeup using custom-cut stencils, I can hand-paint faces or, I can combine hand-painting with airbrush. I was taught to keep my art “tight” and my lines thin and for this, I gratefully thank my teachers. Check out their website  – they are amazing artists and Ruben and Livier contribute to their culture and community regularly with amazing art-work and shows.

Who I admire:  Now in her late-50’s, Madonna continues to reinvent herself, never allowing age to play a role in her dreams and goals.  She says, “We can always become a better version of ourselves by never going for second-best.”  I Love this.  I also follow and read Author and Visionary, Louise Hay,  and if you know who she is, we have a lot in common. More spiritually-minded teachers include Abraham-Hicks, Mike Dooley and Doreen Virtue.

Social Media. I love my friends and followers on Instagram, Twitter and FaceBook and I appreciate you more than you’ll ever know. I do, admit, however, that I sometimes have to take a little break because there is so much filtering. I see lots of makeup that include cookie-cutter brows, lips, contouring and highlighting and the “one-face-fits-all”  with zero individuality. As my famous and talented friend, Terri Tomlinson, owner of Makeup Training Academy (TX), says, “This style of makeup does not take into consideration bone structure, coloring, ethnicity, skin texture, occasion, character, or personality. It is a homogenized makeup that makes everyone look the exact same, has to be taken from a specific angle to look good, and really creates a cartoon-characterization of people.”  …..” Why would anyone want to look like everyone? We are each one-of-a-kind, made by our creator in a perfect state, completely unique. Let’s celebrate that!”   And I agree with Terri 100%. 

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