Airbrush Makeup Eyes

I use Dinair Airbrush Makeup exclusively and have all their formulas in my kit.  Everything Dinair is developed in the lab by the Creator, Dina Ousley, right here in here in Sunny Southern California and all products are manufactured in their facility in North Hollwood, California, USA. Airbrushed makeup application is brush-less (touch-free) so it’s very sanitary. It sets on contact and doesn’t require any powder to set the makeup. The results last all day with proper skin prep and light layering, and it’s appropriate for all skin types because it’s non-comedogenic and hypo-allergenic. I select the formula best suited to your skin type based on our consultation.  Most Dinair formulas are water and sweat-resistant, however their Xtreme formula (tattoo cover up) is water-proof and smudge-proof.  Want to know more?  Contact Me

Dinair’s airbrush makeup formulas are free from parabens and talc, they are free of oils, no silicone or fillers, all products are Cruelty-Free, contain only Vegan ingredients (no insect or animal by-products), they are Gluten-Free as well, safe and gentle on sensitive skin and all formulas can be custom-matched to any skin tone. 

Beauty Foundations have a solution for everyone. Dinair’s original formula, Glamour,  has a sheer, matte finish with a very light look.  Their Radiance line is a high density/high pigment, illuminating formula that’s line-diffusing and great for more mature skin.  Soft Glow leaves a powder-like finish that’s rich in pigments and has a photo-retouched effect – I use it often as a “blow over” to a Glamour or Paramedical base to bring about a soft finish.  The Paramedical line is color-correcting and ideal for layering to camouflage and neutralize imperfections. It’s also great for oily or combination t-zone skin types.  Different formulas can also be mixed with each other, great for a bullet-proof bride makeup or long days on set.

Colours/Highlights/Fun. Dinair also has an amazing colours line that includes beautiful shimmers, opalescent, Strobing and Highlighter shades, Fantasy and Neon shades plus many Matte shades.  These can also be mixed for a custom shade or result and if you’re wondering,  Yes, I can airbrush eyes and brows, I can contour and highlight and I can cover most skin imperfections and your makeup never looks cakey or fake yet it’s long-lasting and concealing.

Tattoo/Birth Mark Cover-up. The Dinair Xtreme formula is an extended-wear makeup that’s water-proof when applied properly and has single-color coverage (that means no neutralizing first).  The feel is comfortable and flexible, you can sweat or swim in it without corrupting the coverage and it lasts from 48-72 hours.  The coverage won’t transfer onto clothing and it’s what I use for tattoo coverage or any skin imperfections like dark scars, vitiligo, birth marks. Click Here to see some of my work.

Have a wedding coming up, a job interview or court date and need to have your tattoo(s) concealed?  I can do it with Xtreme airbrush makeup. Take a look at some of my work here  and the results will last more than the day and will be water-proof and smudge-proof.

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