Xtreme Airbrush Cover-Up

Browse this gallery to see the power of Xtreme Airbrush Makeup. When applied properly, the end result won’t transfer onto clothing or people, it’s Water-Proof and will last from 24-72 hours. No powdering and no corrector colors are needed.

#NoFilters, No Kidding.  I want you to see the magic of this amazing product,  Dinair® Xtreme Airbrush Makeup. I’m able to successfully conceal tattoos,  birth marks, scars, severe melasma and vitiligo without neutralizing using correctors and endless layers of makeup and powdering.

If you have a condition that requires daily cover up,  let me show-you-how you can duplicate your own concealing at home. This product has been life-changing for so many clients and may be just what you’ve been looking for.  Please Contact me and we’ll set up a private appointment at my studio where we can spend some one-on-one time together on your personal “recipe” — I’d love to teach you how to perfect your own cover-up application.  As an Educator for Dinair® and a member of their Pro Makeup Team, I’m also an authorized dealer. I have compressors and product on hand so you can take system home and get started right away, plus, I will provide continued support.  I am also happy to list everything you’ll need and you can purchase independently on- line. The compressor kit and products are very reasonably priced  and meant for everyone, not just the professional makeup artist.  Just like anything, the more you practice, the better and faster you’ll get at your cover up.

Preparation is key for a flawless application and result.  Complete removal of all hair to include peach fuzz is necessary when doing any type of cover-up because makeup sticks to hair and blocks product from reaching the skin — eventually, the hair will mat and will create a dark shadow. Blending the makeup for a natural look is also important, and using tricks such as adding spots and brightening the skin with makeup highlighters and reflectors will create dimension and distracts the eye. Unless you know “it” is there, no one will see the cover up and since all Dinair® makeup products are  HD friendly, the camera loves it.  Scars can be concealed, however, any “raised” skin areas  to include those within tattoos will still show — I have few photos in my gallery that you will be able to see what I’m talking about. Raised skin comes from a heavy hand during tattooing (outlines in particular) and for some, an allergic reaction to a particular ink color(s).  In the case of surgeries, it’s common that post-surgery care to include topical applications and not wearing compression garments lead to a more severe scar. 

Getting Married and want a Cover-up?  A Trial is a Must.  Because some tattoos/skin issues are quite easily concealed and other, more complex tattoos and skin issues arent, so I won’t be able to accurately quote your cover-up until I see it.  Costs vary depending on the type of cover-up, body location, colors,  scarring and other raised skin issues,  size and my time to perform the work.  Contact Me, consultations are at no cost, of course!




Adriana said… ” Kelly is AMAZING! She did such a good job covering up my now husband’s head tattoo. Believe me it isn’t small as it takes up almost one side of his head. She did 2 trials with him using different techniques so she could see which one worked the best. The day of the wedding when my sister opened the hotel room door to get something from him as I hid LOL I could hear my sister saying “OMG! You cant even tell you have a tattoo there it looks so good!” Kelly is a sweetheart and is truly THE queen of airbrush and covering up tattoos! If I ever need any of mine covered up I will most definitely contact her or refer someone else to her. Thank you so much Kelly!”

Brittany said… “Kelly is wonderful! She gave me a trial to cover my arm tattoo for my wedding and did a fabulous job! I’m booking her for my wedding for tattoo coverup and makeup hair services. Professional, dedicated, experienced, and all around great lady! Thanks Kelly!!!”
Jessica S. said… “From the moment I spoke to Kelly on the phone, I knew she was going to be my saving grace!  We spent hours together figuring out the makeup formula that would work best to cover my birthmark and finally when we got it right, she wiped it all off and made me do it. Needless to say, I wiped my face many times but she never gave up on me and now, I cover my stain every day in my bathroom and it’s changed me life. I smile every day now too! Thank you Kelly for being YOU!
Madison K. said… “Kelly is an amazing artist and she saved my life for my wedding day!!! I did a dumb thing and got a tattoo on my neck and was embarrassed about it showing.  I called Kelly and we talked for a long time. We made an appointment, I took off work and we did a Trial.  I hired her on the spot and my wedding was perfect. The cover never moved and I can attest that I was a dancing machine and sweat a ton!  THANK YOU Miss Kelly, you’re the best.”
Raphael E. said… I have a port wine stain since birth but had to finally accept it because there was nothing I could do. I found out about lazer but it was to expensive and it was not always working.  I learned about air brush make up and contacted Kelly and met her and she showed me how to cover my birhtmark every day at home. It works and now I feel happy every day. …”