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Our licensed beauty team is passionate about making your day the best it can possibly be
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Branding my own name means I’m proud of my work. I’m a professionally-trained makeup artist with a specialty in airbrush and I’m a member of the
Dinairâ„¢ Airbrush Pro Team as a Certified Instructor.  

Nothing beats airbrushed makeup for optimum results: It’s light and never heavy or cakey, it’s non-comedogenic, cruelty-free, Made in the USA and it has no fillers, oils, silicone (no slip),  zero lead and no parabens.  Airbrushed makeup is long-lasting, it doesn’t need touch-up and is perfect on just about all skin tones and skin types — if you’re oily, have “problem” skin, suffer from Roseacea, have dark spots or melasma, vitiligo, or birth marks, I’m confident I’ll be able to make you happy. If you are of a skin tone or culture that says, “I can never match my makeup!”,  I’m confident I can match you!

I can also provide corrective airbrushed makeup for bruising due to cosmetic injections, treatments and surgery and teach you to achieve the same results at home. I can successfully cover tattoos for your wedding,  job interview, court date or special occasion for a water-proof and smudge-proof result.

“My technique is light layering for the best and the longest -lasting result.
“Less is More”. as taught to me by my mentor, Dina Ousley, the Creator and Founder of Dinairâ„¢ ”  ~  Kelly Robertson

Airbrushed Makeup Lessons: If you’re interested in learning the proper application techniques for airbrushed makeup as a home-user or professional, you’ve come to the right place — I’d love to teach you and set you up with your own home system or pro system.  
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Wedding Day Pricing for airbrushed makeup is quoted at time of inquiry and depends on date, Season, distance, how many (for makeup and or hair) and the must-be-ready time for the bride/party because this determines when we start.
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Cover up/Correction Work Pricing depends on many factors. For a tattoo(s), pricing is determined by the size, colors, depth of outline, scarring if any, location on body and more.  The deeper, the darker, the larger and if located on an area of the body that might have bends like your wrist, fingers or neck, for example, creates more time and sometimes more product for the cover up.  Additionally, our body is covered with hair — it doesn’t matter if it’s peach fuzz or hair-hair, it must be shaved close prior to application.  If any hair is left to include around the cover-up area (due to blending), it mattes and turns “dark”, casting shadows.   I always insist on a Trial but sometimes that isn’t possible, especially for court dates, destination weddings or last-minute bookings.  Contact me to chat

 If you’re in Southern California and we can meet, please contact me and let’s get together and talk about what you’re looking for  
– I’d love to meet you!

 I’m Proud to have received recognition from major publications such as The Knot, Wedding Wire, Elle, Spa Magazine, Wedding Wire, Inland Empire Magazine, TLC, iHeartRadio, New Beauty Magazine and  more. My team has received many awards as well from popular wedding vendor resources. Be sure to check out our Five-Star Reviews that talk about our amazing work, customer care and professionalism.  We are passionate about our work!



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